Thursday, 6 June 2013

Helping Industries Discover the Benefits of Tungsten Carbide

At Machining Technologies, Inc, we are dedicated towards producing and supplying quality tungsten carbide products.

We aim for perfection by utilizing the latest in pressing and pre-forming technology at our manufacturing facility. Our greatest advantage is that we have been around since the 1980s making us more experienced than our competitors. We have kept pace with change and have played a proactive role in product research and development.

Our Carbide Manufacturing Division can generate a consistent, superior quality tungsten carbide product every time. We couple all our manufacturing processes with statistical process control (SPC) to ensure consistent performance and productivity. Automated presses are widely employed at our facility. This has helped us to gain a competitive advantage in the industry and maintain the highest quality standards all along.

Industries are constantly looking for a company that can offer them a perfect mix of quality and competitive pricing. We are that company! Quality controlled pressing, pre-forming, and sintering and our state-of-the-art Metallurgical Laboratory are some of the advantages we possess in providing a quality part at a competitive price.

For more information relating to our expertise in the business of tungsten carbide, please visit Our sales team would professionally guide you. We have the resources and capabilities to manufacture cemented tungsten carbide alloy by powder metallurgical techniques. This allows for controlled variations in alloy composition and part design. Depending on the specifications of our customers, we also offer standard and special grades. At Machining Technologies, Inc, our objective is to provide quality through engineering, design and process control.

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